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Staying in Fashion With a Louis Vuitton Replica Handbag

Handbags are an important part of fashion. Just like the outfits worn by women, the type of handbag that a lady carries will affect the way her wardrobe looks. Since the early 1900s, carrying bags made by popular designer labels has been very fashionable. However, because of the high prices which these bags are sold for, not many people are able to afford them. An easy solution to this problem is by buying replica handbags. Replica handbags, such as Balenciaga replica handbags are designed to look like the original. Women are thus able to repeat the look in their wardrobe at a more affordable cost. Most replica handbags look just as good as the original. Louis Vuitton replica handbags are popular favorites amongst many people today. This is because of the legend and respect that is associated with the Louis Vuitton (LV) label.

LV is undoubtedly one of the oldest designers in the fashion industry today. Opened in 1854 by the eponymous designer, the fashion house was dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of luxury leather goods. The high quality of the fashion shop soon won it favorites and orders for its product grew very quickly. When the founding designer died, the fashion line was taken over by his son, George Vuitton. It is he who is credited as starting the monogram trend that has become very popular today. He also diversified the product line, introducing wallets and purses alongside the bags and trunks that the company was known for.

By 1997, LVMH was selling clothing and jewellery alongside it luxury good line. The fashion house had shops in all of the major continents of the world. The hit television show, "Sex and the City" made reference to the label more than once. However, despite this impressive growth, it is still its leather bags that have drawn the most attention from the public. Some of the popular brands found with the LV name include the Speedy, the Steamer and the Pochette.

Owning an LV bag is sure to improve the wardrobe of any woman. Its refined style makes it the perfect adornment on a female shoulder. With its success and long history (over a century and half), LV bags can be described as being the Rolls Royce of the handbag world. They are designed by hand and can take well over 60 hours to make. They are designed to be lightweight, strong, sturdy, and supple whilst still being fashionable. Many of these bags are also highly resistant to external factors such as scratches or water. Most LV owners end up owning their bags for many years without an incident.

These bags have led the forefront of fashion for over 100 years. They have been found on the arms of actresses, musicians, politicians and simple housewives. They are carried to ceremonies, dinners, offices and travel trips. It doesn't matter if a lady is carrying an original or a well designed copy; the effect of the LV name is just as strong today as it has always been classy, simple, flawless and timeless.