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Sheepskin Ugg Boots

Sheepskin ugg boots are a highly popular type of shoe that have recently risen to prominence. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, they provide a lot of advantages over other types of shoe which we shall examine here.

First the practicality of the shoe. The great thing about an ugg boot is that they have many of the aesthetic benefits of normal boots but without the downsides. For one, ugg boots are normally flats meaning that your feet will be treated well and you won't have balance issues. This makes them suitable for wearing to all kinds of events whether outdoors or indoors and means they are fine as fashion statements or as practical walking boots.

This practicality and comfort is then increased by the wool lining inside sheepskin ugg boots which will surround and cushion the foot as well as keeping it nicely warm. This makes it great for winter when your feet will be kept snug while an element of fashion is still maintained. At the same time it allows you to go bare-legged in the winter despite the cold; while it won't keep your whole leg warm like tights or leggings, it will still warm your feet considerably more as well as your lower legs which is where much of our heat is lost. The woollen lining also has the benefit of lining the top rim of the boot which prevents it from rubbing on the leg or cutting into it which is a common complaint with any other type of boot.

The fact that ugg boots are designed to be worn over trousers also makes them practical for a lot of reasons - for example meaning that they won't let your trousers drag along the floor and get wet. In that they make your feet look larger, they are very much like flares except will have the opposite effect of protecting the bottoms of trousers.

Of course any ugg boot will have all of these advantages, so what is it that makes sheepskin ugg boots in particular more practical? Well on top of all the aforementioned bonuses, with sheepskin you also get a material that's highly resilient and won't get torn and that's highly easy and practical to wipe down. At the same time the standard beige colour is one that won't show dirt that easily meaning you can subject them to a lot of rough and tumble and still come out of it looking good.

And sheepskin ugg boots do look good, and make great shoes in that respect too. Any pair of boots will have the desirable effect of sliming the leg and hiding any bulges etc - calves for example will be hidden if they are normally a bit too bulky thereby creating a highly desirable silhouette. At the same time though the ugg boots will improve this look by making the upper leg look thinner by comparison. Here by having 'clunky' boots, your thighs are bound to look more dainty automatically. This is then highlighted by the fact that they are worn over trousers meaning that they make any pair of trousers into 'skinny' trousers.

Sheepksin ugg boots also come in a variety of designs and lengths meaning you can buy several to suite different occasions. As mentioned they can be worn with bare legs and a short skirt, but can look just as appropriate wrapped up in a woolly coat for winter making them highly versatile.