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How to Keep Clothes Looking Like New

Like people, the condition of your clothes will inevitably begin to deteriorate after a while. This is especially true for frequently used clothing, such as sweaters and hoodies, and casual-wear. There are some steps you can take to prevent your clothes from aging prematurely, as well as many creative ways you can use your clothing when they begin to get worn out.

Most clothes do come with tags that indicate the best ways to take care of them, however, many people do not take the time to stop and read them. Others ignore the instructions because they might be inconvenient. However, while you might get away with throwing your dry-clean only rug in the washing machine once or twice, not heeding to the instructions might lead to early wear and tear. Dry cleaning might be expensive up front, but if your garment is even more expensive, you should be willing to pay to make it last a long time.

The quality of the cleaning products you use will make a difference in your clothes. Some products claim they will keep your colors brighter or your blacks darker. More expensive brands will usually work best, however, their name brand counterparts are usually cheaper and can work just as well, if not better. This might take some experimentation on your part, but with experience, you will have a strong preference for which you like best.

When it is too late to save your clothes, you can donate them to charity or throw them away, but there are really many ways you can use them. If you enjoy sewing, you can make new garments or even make quilts and stuffed animals from your old clothes, These unique items will carry the memories of your old clothes.

There are also services that will make your clothes better than before. Check out your local artisans to find people who can paint or sew your clothes for a one of a kind piece of artwork.