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How to Deal With Black Friday in Retail

This is a pretty interesting topic and lots of retailers find it extremely difficult when it comes to dealing with black Friday in retail business. For those of you who are not sure what it's all about and is wondering "What exactly is this black Friday?" Let me try to clear that confusion.

First of all "No, it isn't a day when something really bad happened to the retail industry." In fact, According to Wikipedia "Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season."

And since, this day comes at a time when millions of people are out on a shopping spree, it sends jitters down the people associated with the retail industry because they often find themselves at wit's end trying to deal with the question, "How to effectively deal with so many shoppers and provide them with a positive shopping experience?" And thus this day came to be known as 'Black Friday.'

And if you happen to be a retailer yourself and are looking for ways to deal with this sudden massive influx of shoppers around this time of the year; I have got some simple tips that can prove quite effective for you...

# Assign Tasks in advance

It is always a good idea to plan things in advance, as it can help you prepare a plan of action before the D-Day approaches. Gather your in-store staff and hold a meeting with them to figure out who is best suited for a particular task, so as to effectively deal with customer queries and requirements. This is a very important step in preparing yourself and your staff to deal with any last-minute confusions that could arise if you don't have a proper course of action set up in place.

# Hire even if it's for a day

Some retailers might have the feeling that they have adequate in-store staff, which is not essentially true. Because on this day, lot of non-retail employers are known to give the day off to their employees, thereby, pushing up the number of expected shoppers even further. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire additional staff even if it's for a day.

For this you can approach any agency that provides people for part-time jobs or you can put up advertisements in colleges and schools. But how do you figure out if you really need to hire more people? It's quite simple, for e.g. "If you believe that your existing staff of 10 is enough to deal with the customers then hire 5 more people and see if that makes a significant difference in running things smoothly." I mean, you have got nothing to lose keeping in mind that you can always cancel the contract the next day.

# Open up Early

Almost all the retailers open up their stores early on this day. Some even open up as early as 4 in the morning to make last-minute preparations. And my advice would be that even you should open up as early as possible to make sure that everything is in order. Inspect your store, talk to your staff and make sure that the appropriate security arrangements are in place. Talking of security, it brings me to my final point...

# Security

It is absolutely important that you have optimal security arrangements in place to avoid any kind of mishaps. There have been recorded instances of violence and accidents caused by shoppers and even anti-social elements are known to create problems on this day, for e.g. "In 2006 a male shopper was recorded on camera assaulting another shopper while shopping at 'best buy' in Roanoke, Virginia."

In another shocking incidence "A 34 year-old employee of a retail store was trampled to death by shoppers who were anxious to enter the store, and when finally the doors opened up, the crowd just rushed in killing the employee." All these instances prove that the lack of proper security arrangements can trigger mishaps, and therefore you must have proper security to ensure the safety of shoppers and your employees.

Black Friday in retail can be quite a beast to tackle, but with a little bit of planning and arrangement you can tame this beast and ensure that you are able to provide an overall positive experience for your customers, while ensuring the safety and integrity of your store and your employees!