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How Do I Start A Conversation With Prospects or Leads?

How do you start a telephone call with that lead or prospect? You know that if you fall at this stage, chances are you won't get another opportunity to correct it! Having said that, you will grow and learn and become more and more comfortable over time. There are no mistakes - there are only lessons! Be yourself! Always check you have their name before you make the call!

There are some principles of communication to follow:

1. Posture, Attitude and Authority - believe you can and you will become a master communicator. Attitude is everything - being excited by your business, having a great mindset - being a winner.

It is of the greatest help to undertake some self-mastery before you make any calls - listen to the top guys close some sales, make the choice that you are going to be a 6 figure earner - and talk from that standpoint.

It also helps if you breathe out before you start speaking as it has a grounding effect on your voice. Try it - breathing in and then speaking - sounds a little like a parrot!! A breathless squawk! You are not in control at that point. On the other hand when you breathe out first before speaking - your voice comes out a lower point and you are in control immediately.

Posture yourself like lion - fearless! Not hard, but knowing who you are and what you want - no doubt in your mind about that! Envision yourself as the CEO of a multi million dollar business before you make the call. I Am!

Think, be, do and have. Your prospect needs to respect and like you but never ever communicate from a lower status than them. If this is an already successful business person - you must speak as if you are on an equal footing with them - you control the conversation. They need to prove to you why they are someone you want to work with!

Look out for whiners, complainers and energy vampires!! These are people who are not serious about committing or investing time and/or money into making a successful business. If they are looking for get rich quick - you don't want them!

Ask why they are looking for a business/more income/online business. If the answers come as 'might be' or 'maybe' or something along those lines then say that you are looking only for absolutely positive, definite, committed yes!

You are looking for entrepreneurs - what are they currently doing? What is their job or business?

Smile - no, they can't see it but they can certainly hear it in your voice! It makes a huge difference when the person on the other end of the line can hear that smile. Have fun with the call - let your personality shine through - be energised - you love what you do! Be enthusiastic - Don't however talk too fast! One pitfall that often happens when you are really into what you are saying. A guaranteed turn off if the other person can't hear what you are saying as it's all running together!!

Don't be attached to the outcome - enjoy what you learned.

Be respectful of their time as well as your own.

Ask some personal questions - you want to get to know this person - you are offering a business opportunity and it is important that they fit the bill as much as you fitting the bill!

Are they married? How long? Do they have children? What sort of monthly income are they used to? Are they looking to supplement or replace it? What would they like to do if they had more time available?

Engage with them - joke if it's appropriate - humour is important! It makes you real!

Tell them what you/your company are looking for - what qualities you want in a business partner. Explain that not everyone is a fit for the business. Only certain types will be accepted - those who have:

1. A burning desire to be a 6 figure earner

2. A positive 'can do' attitude

3. Someone who is teachable, coachable and ready to learn

If at this point they ask you questions that you know you are not qualified/experienced enough to answer just direct them onwards to where they can undertake due diligence and be given more information to help them.

Don't get caught up in answering questions - you will lose your position of authority. The person you are talking to is a lead not a customer! Tell them that further information is available at such and such a website where all their questions will be answered and if, after watching and learning, they have anything further to be asked you will give them the telephone number of a business coach.

Ensure that they are directed to top earners videos or testimonials where they can be confident in what they see and hear. This is the time to finish the call - don't let it meander or you will lose your authority - your time is precious and expensive! Keep that in mind!

Follow up the call with an e-mail. Always follow-up.

Remember - you are the authority - you are in control of the conversation!