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Exiting The Weight Loss Roller Coaster

Have you ever felt like you were on a weight loss roller coaster? Many of us, (including me); have tried various methods and multiple programs in our quest to shedding those unwanted pounds. Some of those programs worked and some of them didn't. Eventually some of us reached our definitive weight goals and we got to looking good! Then, life happens and we all go back to living our ever so busy lives and before we know what's happening those unwanted pounds return and on occasion a few of those extra pounds comeback, sometimes with an extra few. We find ourselves asking WHY --- Why did I regain these pounds all over again? Here are few reasons:

Reason 1

Unless the method you chose taught you how to make better choices and consume the proper amount and combinations of protein, calories and nutrients......chances are you lost some weight; but unfortunately and more than likely, you probably had some muscle loss too. Loss of muscle is not the kind of weight that you want to lose!

Reason 2

Simply put, old ways die hard. Patterns become routine then often enough these practices are really hard to break because we conduct them without thinking. They're habits that became standard and now they're customary in our daily lives.

Reason 3

We must also learn how to recognize portion control for our own personal needs.....imagine sitting in your favorite restaurant and looking at the menu but not knowing how to choose something that doesn't encompass an entire day's caloric need! Consuming your entire calorie limit for the day in just one meal is more common than you think.

Reason 4

Plain and simple... there's a lack of support and coaching. Half of us don't know how we acquired those unwanted pounds to begin with so how are we expected to know how to get rid of it and keep it off? Your coach is your instructor that should build a program that is tailored to your specific needs. Throughout this process he/she will be walking you step by step through your weight loss journey.

Having a coach to guide you through your weight management program can be a phenomenal help to keep motivated and headed down the right path.

The Challenge

In a nutshell more than likely you're still lugging around the one thing you wanted to get rid ! With so many programs and weight loss information out there, we are left confused, trying to find that next diet, pill, program or miracle product that is going to give us the figure that we envision, yesterday!

It's important to keep in mind when selecting a weight loss method, ensure that it is a program that is personalized specifically for your needs and includes a coach that will help you make those simple lifestyle changes that result in permanent success and exit the weight loss roller coaster forever!