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4 Most Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Brides in 2012

Mehndi designs have always been an integral part of how Indian brides decorate themselves. It's something that most women love; however, over the past few years, the patterns and styles of mehndi have changed to a great extent. These days, women have different types of patterns to choose from based on the versatility, personalities, etc. Some of the most commonly used Henna patterns are:

Arabic Mehndi

Arabic henna, as the name itself suggests, has been adopted from the Arab world and are extremely popular in North Africa, South Asia and Middle East. The process of applying this type of Henna is similar to the other types of henna, but the design is significantly different from the rest.

Arabic designs do not usually cover the entire hands and feet, meaning the style tend to be less detailed and intricate. These patterns reveal more skin and mainly consist of floral patterns. Another important aspect of Arabic henna is that, there is no usage of animals of human figures in the design. Along with the regular mehndi designs, it is also decorated with unique color patches and glittering materials.

Indian Mehndi

Indian henna is probably the most artistic and intricate of all the types. Why? Well, it is much more complicated, detailed and accurate than any other. It uses the entire palm, feet with very little skin show. Some artists also use animal figures like peacock, elephant, etc. in the pattern; however, this practice is not common among Muslim brides.

In India, henna is available in two colors, brown and black but the purpose of both types of henna is to make the palms and feet reddish brown. It generally begins from the fingers and even goes up to the elbows and also contains the initials of the groom. There is also a belief among Indians that darker the color of mehndi appears, the stronger the bond between the couple.

Party Mehndi

This is very similar to Arabic henna; yes, that's right! This type of pattern does not usually cover the complete hands. This back hand style has boxes usually of brown color and then those boxes are filled with different colors. The type of mehndi was not popular until few years ago where young women in India began doing it for regular parties like karwa chauth, family gatherings, etc.

African Mehndi

Even though this type of design is rarely used in India, it is still very popular. It is very close to Indian mehndi when it comes to the style, elegance and patterns. It is known for its complexity and complicated carved with very sharp cones.

It includes geometric shapes, lines, dots or squares which can be done by any professional designer. This covers arms, legs, hands or foot like a mesh.


To conclude, if you want to have the best mehndi designs for your wedding, then you might want to go for any of the above 4 types. Just hire a professional henna applier, get it done and have a great wedding.