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Teamwork - Reignite Team Spirit - 10 Management Tips For Success

Is Your Team Motivated, Energized and Enthusiastic? Does your team work well together? Do they look forward to coming to work each day to be a part of the process? If not, it's time to drive better teamwork and reignite team spirit.

Great teams don't just happen. Teams are comprised of people. People need to feel both needed and wanted. One of the key factors in getting the most out of your employees is for them to realize they can and do make a difference.

Here are 10 Valuable Tips to Reignite Team Spirit:

1. Get Back to the Core Vision. Management teams need to do a routine pulse check on the core objectives and values of the organization. Oftentimes these are the reason employees chose your company to begin with. If you wander off the path, they can become disillusioned and cynical. Purpose to make a speedy course-correction.

2. Promote Collaboration. It's not true teamwork if everyone is not included. More minds equal better ideas. People need to feel and be a part of the process together-community is key to fostering positive results.

3. Teams Need a Mission. You know the quote: "without a vision, the people perish". As humans, we are thinkers, visionaries and doers. We need to have a mission, understand our part in that mission and work toward its fulfillment.

4. Show Intelligent Progress. Don't play shell games. Be able to demonstrate quantifiable progress that links back to the team's efforts. This is pivotal to instilling confidence and to encourage more of the same.

5. Open Lines of Communication. Open and honest communication should always be modeled by management first, and it must be bi-directional. One of the surest ways to damage or destroy team spirit is to fail in this area.

6. Desire to Win. Remember the Eye of the Tiger? Part of management's job is to coach. You need to give your team a reason to want to win--a reason to show up, apart from just collecting a paycheck. When the fight starts to fade, watch out... the vultures will start circling.

7. Strong Leadership. Your team needs assurance that they can trust you, rely on you and be successfully coached by you. If not, they will shut down one by one for lack of respect and the foundation of the team will slowly corrode.

8. Need to Feel Valued. Employees need to know that you see and hear them and that their contributions are important. If they don't feel valued, they will start to retreat and that's when apathy can set in.

9. Get an Alignment. Make sure the right people are in the right places.

10. Encourage Winners Along the Way. Imagine your employees as mountain climbers with the summit as their ultimate goal. What a difference it would make if management cheered him or her on as they successfully maneuvered each new hand and foothold toward their final destination. Praise and recognition inspire the whole team. Don't wait until they arrive--do it along the way!

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